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Tea Caddy, Tortoiseshell & Antique Box Restoration in the UK

We are the leading specialists in high quality tortoiseshell restoration including antique boxes, card cases and tea caddies in the UK, with over 45 years experience between us. We restore and repair a wide range of small antiques and collectibles, particularly those made from or decorated with tortoiseshell, bone, mother of pearl, horn, shibayama and exotic woods.

Such items include antique boxes of all types: tea caddies, card case, jewelry boxes, trinket boxes, snuff boxes and snuff mulls, along with photo frames, trays, candlesticks and other decorative objects, such as Anglo Indian and colonial works of art.


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Each piece has its own particular set of problems, as you can see from the example on this page.

Our work is of the highest standard, and many Antique Dealers around the world use our services. We have noticed on a lot of tortoiseshell items recently that they have been spray lacquer finished by other restorers. This will severely reduce the items value. Our finish is produced from the natural shine of the material the majority of which is done by hand. This is time consuming, and from our experience of such work, the general refurbishment for example of a caddy, will start in the range of 300 - 500. Badly damaged caddies, like the one pictured, where panel replacement is needed will cost a great deal more to restore.The materials we use are all pre-CITES Convention (1947) , often sourced from objects beyond repair

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Please feel free to contact us if you require antique box, tea caddy or tortoiseshell restoration.

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